Lori Zeller, Managing Director of THOR Associates is Nominated for the 2016 DRMA Member of the Year

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Lori Zeller was nominated for the 2016 Member of the Year from DRMA|Response 2016. Asked for a quote, Lori said:

“Lori Zeller as DRMA Member of the Year”? My strengths excel at innovation and strategy. As an experienced marketing professional with a proven track record of intersecting consumer touchpoints with marketing operational efficiencies, I am passionate about driving client revenue.
My unselfish concern for the welfare of others has given me the ability to focus time and effort to the DRMA industry association growth by chairing various committees and working to accomplish the goals brought forth by others. I have mentored many. Supported often. Never stopped. And never will.

I’m humbled and honored and ask for your vote, “Lori Zeller as DRMA Member of the Year”.