Omni vs. Multi, it’s not personal – it’s business.

in Fern Lee by on July 24th, 2014No Comments

At the end of the day I ponder the use of “words” as many of our campaigns require “wordsmith” capabilities extraordinaire. And what has occurred to me recently is that direct response marketing has truly become a branded commodity. Not only does it require a “multi” channel integrated strategy, our marketing savvy must reach globally and the multi or many verticals are now “omnificently” able to have a tremendous reach.

The effectiveness of the touch, however, requires a “relationship”. That relationship is based on frequency. It’s based on “personalized marketing”. It’s based on impulse.

Hey, if it’s business it is personal. Effective marketing that result in AOV and Lifetime Value metrics for a robust ROI need to be taken personally by the marketer and delivered to the consumer for a “lucky winner” feeling.