RESPONSE does it again!!!

in Fern Lee by on May 13th, 2011No Comments

As a member of the RESPONSE Advisory Board, I am always amazed and proud of the explosive energy at the DRMA event in San Diego.  This year, the keynote by “Magic” Johnson was outstanding.  Steven Rosenbaum brought, “Curation Nation” and to the forefront.  And…our industry movers and shakers networked among the beauty of the San Diego bay among the landmark architecture of the Gas Lamp district.  Check out the fun video inviting all to the “Marketer of the Year” award at E.R.A. In Vegas:

The production speaks to the success of the RESPONSE team and the engagement required by DR.   As a veteran of the industry creating ROI for clients by setting strategy for the integration of online and offline initiatives,  I look forward to these events that bring new thoughts and opportunities and encourage all to attend!