Fern Lee’s Ideas on Integrated Marketing

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Dmnews.com (Direct Marketing News) posted an article which spoke to a group of professionals in the direct marketing industry about issues that come up when creating direct marketing programs. Fern Lee was given some time to speak her mind on many of the questions.

When asked about customer tracking and the challenges associated with keeping the data, Fern Lee stated, “As a direct marketer, whether we do a half-hour infomercial or 60-second or one 20-second spot, we give a URL and an 800-number, but 50% of our consumers are now coming through online. Are they coming through Lifetime? Discovery? Are they coming from WGRZ in Buffalo? Because of that, we don’t know what the real value is to us in buying these stations for $50,000 or $1,000…”

Click to read the full Direct Marketing article with Fern Lee.

Creating a Brand with Fern

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Fern Lee testing a fitness product was just one of her accomplishments on a recent trip to Boston.

The company, lighterliving™ is a health and wellness, lifestyle brand which provides women with tools, products and education to support every woman through the life and body changes that occur as they age.  Fern’s contribution seems to be not only testing the marketing…